Report Auxiliary transport Polen


Report Auxiliary transport Polen

On 19 December 2011, Frank Baars starter auxiliary transport for the foundation Dom Dziecka commissioned by Timmermans. This foundation collects clothes and toys for orphanages in Poland.

The SBS program (television channel in the Netherlands) “Hart van Nederland” was there to report.

Read the report and the personal experiences of Frank.

Monday 19/12/2011 I had to be present at 12 am in ‘t Zand in North Holland.

SBS would also be present.

I was met by Lambrecht and Marian who collected the goods. They do this for several years and this was the last major transportation. The program stops as there are not enough sponsors and the costs to rent storage space are too high.

Along with a few volunteers we loaded the car. Which was filmed by SBS.

At 2 am, I began my trip to Poland. The car with Marian and Lambrecht would leave in the morning.

The next day I was at the place of destination at around 1pm. The others were not yet there as of the had bad weather on the way. At 3pm we were complete and we have eaten something in the orphanage.

Marian and Lambrecht is a real Santa / woman for the children. She had created a package for each child with their name and age on it. The children are between the ages of around 8 months to 17 years. The children are simply abandoned by their parents. While we were there, a few kids were brought in by the police. Marian felt sad she had no package for those children.
In the evening I have had a tour of the orphanage. Normally, outsiders cannot enter but as these people are there all the time, I could walk along with them. The children sleep with multiple in a room and have only a few possessions.

The kids and caregivers were very thankful for the things we brought.

Lambrecht and Marian stayed a few days there to continue playing Santa, where I went to my loading address for the trip back.