New trucks for timmermans transport

New trucks for Timmermans transport & logistics

To strengthen the truck fleet, Timmermans transport & logistics bought new trucks of the Mercedes brand. Thanks to the Euro 6 engines they are more environmental friendly and meet the latest exhaust emission standards set by the European Union.

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is a diesel engine meeting the latest emission legislations driven by the European Commission. In 1993 EC introduced first legislation (Euro 1) which has regulated the amount of pollution coming out of the tail-pipe of a diesel engine. The EC decided that the pollution of vehicles needs to be controlled and reduced. Over the last 20 years engineers were using new technologies to cut down the impact of harmless constituents.

Comparing to Euro 5, Euro 6 engines produces 75% less of NOx and reduced more than 66% of Particulate Matter. It means that the air coming out of the tail-pipe of a Euro 6 engine is getting cleaner and cleaner.