Our warehouses in the Netherlands are strategically located between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam to offer optimal storage and distribution possibilities into Europe (incl. Russia). We offer our clients around 80.000m² (> 700.000 sq. ft) of warehousing space, including bonded warehouses, against competitive prices. Timmermans transport & logistics continually invests in its facilities, ICT and people. All customers will be personally served by dedicated customer service representatives making sure your products are handled in the correct way.


We offer our customers with different warehousing solutions, from traditional storing and picking, to running a web shop or performing repacking/labeling activities. Also seasonal trends are within our scope as we make use of our own temporary employment agency to provide us with the best workers to support your operation. Timmermans can offer you the right workforce, fleet, technology and warehouses, for all types of distribution and logistics.

Warehouse features

  • RF wireless (paperless) warehousing management
  • Inbound & outbound management
  • Inventory management
  • 24/7 online stock and order visibility via web portal
  • Storage in racking or bulk sites
  • Value Added Logistics
  • Possibility to rent office space

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Bonded warehousing

As a certified broker, Timmermans transport & logistics offers a full package of services related to customs support, storing and shipping of goods. Supported by a strong duty management system, our bonded warehouses are fully equipped to store all types of goods. Also included within our services is fiscal representation, facilitating all communication with the tax authorities and supporting trade within the European Union.

Customs features

  • Bonded warehousing in Europe, also known as Free Trade Zone Warehousing
  • Receiving and clearing goods on behalf of our customers
  • Fiscal representation
  • Import- & export support
  • Documentation management
  • Consultancy & binding tariff information
  • Import and clearance out of Port
  • Bonded stock management
  • Re-export for non-EU destinations
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